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Dive Centers play a key role in the nutrient loading program. Data on nutrients make most sense when the same location is probed on a regular basis. This requires a central coordinator and Dive Centers are well equipped to fulfill that role.
There is also not much sense in individual divers or instructors having a personal set of chemicals or electronic instruments to analyze water samples. The Dive Centers affiliated with this program have committed to supply these tools to the divers that measure the nutrient levels on the locations adopted and administrated by the Dive Center.
Instructors who want to adopt a dive site for monitoring can do so, but always via a Dive Center of their choice. The registered Dive Center can then give the instructor a dedicated log-in to enter the data from the probes in this internet page.
Divers looking for a possibility to participate in this program should address themselves to one of the Dive Centers registered on this web page. They can also address themselves to a local dive operation and ask them to sign up for participation.
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Source: Tauchsport Käser
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