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To understand the problems related to nutrient loading, to analyze water samples and to interpret the findings, requires a thorough understanding of the subject. To distribute this knowledge, scuba-eco has asked the Instructor Training College in Cannes to create a training program for diving instructors and to administrate and support that course. This training program is available via internet – eLearning. This course is an option – if the necessary knowledge is already available via another source (for example via a study of marine biology), a dive center can participate in the nutrient loading program on that basis.

The instructor course is an in-depth preparation that allows qualified diving instructors to pass their knowledge on to you – the participant in the nutrient loading program. Your participation starts with completing a course in which you are informed of the concepts related to eutrophication (nutrient loading), the methods to analyze water samples and the interpretation of the findings.
You can find a diving instructor qualified to teach the nutrient loading program by searching a dive center in your area via this web page.

As part of their course, instructors receive the tools needed to teach about nutrient loading.
Source: IT College
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Online specialty instructor course
It is time

The millennium assessment estimates the nutrient input in the environment to rapidly increase in the years to come. Now is the time to start teaching about the possible consequences if that really happens.
Source: Millenium Ecosystem Assessment
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