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The nutrient loading program relies on diving instructors to pass on the required knowledge on the background of the nutrient problem and the procedures for measuring water probes to interested divers. Instructors wanting to assume that responsibility can qualify themselves via this web page.
Training goes far beyond the information presented in the course for participating divers. For the success of this program it is essential that instructors have a thorough understanding of the mechanisms leading up to eutrophication problems. This is necessary both to respond to questions divers may have during and after the course and for a correct interpretation of data collected.
The training program is modular. You enter the first course page after the application process is completed. The page gives information following the course outline and gives responses to questions the students may have. Optional PDF documents and links to internet sources give background information on chemistry and other subjects. After studying the page you complete the module by answering questions on the information you covered on that page. Correct answers then give you access to the next page, which follows the same procedure.
Arriving at the last page means that you passed the course and are ready to teach the program to recreational divers. By post you will receive a certificate of completion, a CD-Rom with the necessary tools to teach the course and the form to be sent to PADI for processing of your specialty instructor rating. Instructors from other organization need to coordinate themselves with their training organization to see if and how a credential can be awarded.
Next to grants awarded by Project AWARE and Scuba Publications for initial program development, the instructor course is the only source of revenue www.scuba-eco.com has. The fee of 89 Euro will help us with maintenance and further development of this web service and associated tools.
Instructors who completed the training can return to the course pages as long as this page exists. This way you always have the tools needed to find answers to questions and to prepare yourself if it has been a while since you last thought the course.
Join the other instructors who qualified themselves for the nutrient loading course.
Join the other instructors who qualified themselves for the nutrient loading course.
Source: IT College
Your course was designed and is supported by the IT College
Your course was designed and is supported by the IT College.
Source: IT College
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Do you have to be a PADI instructor to take the scuba-eco nutrient loading instructor course?

No, access to education is not restricted. Instructors from other organizations than PADI as well as interested divers can take the course. Participants who are not PADI instructors will not be certified upon completion. They will receive a certificate as recognition for their efforts. Completion of this course does not imply the authorization to teach. Such an authorization can only be given by a diver training organization, such as PADI.

What is included in the course fee?

The training, the course certificate and a CD-Rom with tools needed to teach the course. The application fee for PADI (method 1 specialty application) is not included.

Is it common that Specialty Instructor Courses are done via the internet?

No, this is the first course in the world for which such permission was granted by PADI. The reasons are a combination of the fact that the course content has an academic character and the need to train instructors all over the world in order to make the nutrient loading program a success.

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